Sustainability Partners

We have partnered from the outset with the carefully selected organisations, both locally and internationally.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the largest NGO in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation of endangered species in Mauritius.
Their work is one of the world’s most successful conservation stories, rescuing the Mauritius Kestrel, the Echo Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon from the brink of extinction. The MWF has worked with us on programmes for local communities and developed a Directory of Local Flora and Fauna, while our teams have worked with them to rehabilitate the vital biodiversity of Ile Aux Aigrettes.
Reef Conservation Mauritius is a locally registered NGO dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the marine environment of Mauritius through the implementation and management of research and education projects. REEF used its innovative ‘Bis La Mer’ (The bus of the ocean) to promote a number of educational and sensitisation programmes for local communities and our people about the protection of our beaches and ocean, and have developed our very own ‘Coastal Directory’ following a requested lagoon survey of the Blue Bay Marine Park.
Minor International is a multi-national company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The three core businesses of Minor are hospitality, restaurants and lifestyle brands distribution, operated under subsidiary companies Minor Hotels, Minor Food, and Minor Lifestyle respectively. Partnering with IKO Mauritius for the first Anantara branded resort on the island of Mauritius, Minor International is also a leader in Sustainability featuring in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (DJSI) in the Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Lines industry for a number of consecutive years.